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Project Description

Milworms is a role playing game for Windows Phone 7. It was coded for Windows Phone 7.0 and now it is not optimized for Mango.

Milworms game is our vision of CIMIC operations in form of role-play-game (RPG), where the user is solving real world problems helping people using unconventional means. Our main goal implemented in this game is to educate how military serve and help people in many lost in war countries. Human-terrain is the key aspect of modern conflicts. Conducting STABO missions military people help to rebuild administration or increase humanitarian support by providing medical help and developing infrastructure. Our game delivers a chain of interconnected tasks involving smart approach to fullfill society needs by conducting submissions. Feeding the hungry kids, helping to identify the hostile subgroups, building wells, hospitals, delivering vaccines are one of the wide variety of interesting quest that Player has to fullfill. The game requires constant knowledge about the social layer on the operation area so it is required to gain the proper intelligence by working with the natives and village leaders.


Our intention implemented in this game is to educate all civilians how helpful military forces can be especially in situations where there in so official government and simple people struggle with everyday’s problems. 21st century Army fights by winning hearts and minds of the people not by just conducting combat operations. Our game creates awareness about UN and NATO military doctrines in a fun and interesting game with no shoot’em up characteristics. It helps people to understand that military operations not always equal war and most of all military force usage is the final and undesirable aspect. Delivered game scenarios help to understand all necessary services which are conducted in stabilisation missions during time of war and time of peace. CIMIC operations are the set of military functions through which the commander associates with civilian agencies active in a theatre of operations.
Each of three core functions of CIMIC, have been indirectly implemented in our idea:

  • Support to the Force that is any activity designed to create support for the military force from within the indigenous population;
  • Civil-Military Liaison which is reflected in coordination and joint planning with civilian agencies in support of the mission;
  • Support to the Civil Environment providing provision of any of a variety of forms of assistance to the local population in support of the military mission.

By building relationships with officials from non-governmental organizations or local government officials, CIMIC personnel might become aware of a specific threat to the mission and thus deliver force multiplayer.
... and remember the true nature of the Pacifist can be found in any soldier as he has seen the horror of war and people dying in his hands ...


Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.

John F. Kennedy






To see more info about our game please visit milworms website

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