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Milworms – play game instructions

Menu instruction

Main menu consists of four entries and speaker image.

1. Begin Mission

Select this entry to start a new game.

2. Load Mission

Select this entry to start the saved game

3. Help

Select this entry to see help instruction.

4. Exit

Select this game for exit game.

5. Sound speaker

Click speaker image for turn on/off speaker.

Main menu is illustrated below:


When you back to menu after the game begun you will have additionally two entries:


Select this entry to continue the game

Save Game

Select this entry to save actually playing game.

Game instruction

First what you will see after clicking Begin Mission is the Mission Introduction. Read it carefully, it give you general description of situation. After that you will take a part in briefing with you commander and he will give you first mission task.

Game controls

  • Steering wheel – left, bottom corner, used for change position on the map of character.
  • Action Button – used for call an action, look into a chest or have a talk with a person
  • Tray – place where you can keep stuff collected by exploring the map. You can also drop an equipment from the tray. Do this by holding the item that you want to drop.
  • Rank Button – use it when you want to see your rank.
  • Task Button – use this button when you want to see task you have already done and those your are actually doing.


Game navigation

To navigate your character in game you have to use Steering wheel to select a direction of move by touching screen in left, bottom corner of your phone screen.

If you want to use action button which is placed on the right, bottom corner of your phone screen you have to also tap a screen in it.

The action button is used for starting a conversation between people from the map or look inside a chest. You are able to do it only when you are close to the people or a chest from the map and the Action Button change the color into blue.

The small icon of the book on the try allow to see all the tasks you have already done and the task you are doing now. To use it, you have to tap the icon.

The icon of the face on the Control Panel allow to see your rank. Your rank will be higher thanks to completed mission. During the your rank will grow because you will have a lot of mission to do.

Controls summary

How to talk with others?

Go close to character with you want to talk and the Action Button should change color into blue then tap it. You will see a small pop up screen. Tap the chosen answer to move dialog forward or press back button device to exit pop up screen.

How to collect object to tray?

All of the objects are inside the chest . Go close to the chosen chest, when you will be close enough the action Button should change the color into blue then tap the action button. You will see a pop up screen. If you need all items from a chest choose button – TAKE ALL, if only one then you have to choose it be holding and scrolling place between arrows on the right sight of the pop up chest screen and then click TAKE button.

How to drop items from the tray?

To drop some item from the tray you should hold it until you will see a pop up screen, then confirm your decision.

How to change location?

You have to explore your current location and find road sign with an arrow to show you a direction where you able to go. After that you will show a map of other locations and you are able to tap the location where you want to go.

How to make my rank higher?

To do this you have to complete particular task.

What can I do with my items?

You can give an item to particular person during a talk. In most cases it is necessary to complete a mission. If you don’t have an item that the person need, you can’t complete it.

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